It is a known industry problem that the majority of serious injuries to jockeys and riders are a result of falling from a horse.

Fall safety training provides a practical and effective solution to the risk of serious injury. Improving rider skill and

confidence in how to respond in an emergency will also improve the rider's ability to recover when they become unbalanced.

Jockeys and riders who do proper skills-based training in fall safety can:

  1. Reduce the risk of serious injury due to impact with the ground.
  2. Learn how to tuck-and-roll to reduce impact forces when landing at speed.
  3. Reduce the risk of trample and crush injury.
  4. Improve riding confidence by reducing fear of injury risk in a fall.


Seven days after attending the falling off school I hit the deck at top speed. I was thrown Sideways/forwards at a flat gallop and as I left the saddle I recalled the simple instructions ‘let go of your reins and get your arms up’. I landed on my arm/elbow/shoulder, rolled a couple of times then stood up and walked away. I am sure this basic instruction saved me from a much nastier result. Fall safety training could save your neck or your life.

Jeremy Bayard, Polo Player,
CEO ACE Farming Company
Chairman, Australian Polo Hall of Fame

About the Founder

Lindsay Nylund is a former Olympic gymnast, commonwealth games silver medalist, coach of many national champions and has expertise in biomechanics, physiology of exercise and sport psychology. He has qualifications in fitness, training, physical education and human resource management and advanced accreditation in mens and womens gymnastics.

The fall safety training program and techniques are fit-for-purpose and have been developed by Lindsay in consultation with doctors,scientists and industry professionals specifically for jockeys and riders of all disciplines. Lindsay is recognised as a world expert on rider fall safety.

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